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Redesign Dayo

So yeah... Whaddya think? I'm also looking at implementing Webmention. I'd like to start using this more and I've had some good longish posts on Cohost lately that I would like to post here too, so let's see if we can't make this here internet hovel a little more comfortable so I feel like posting more.

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The Death That I Deservioli

Okay! Some minor improvements later and TIWLMISIO should no longer be blowing up from heap exhaustion; I am now pregenerating all the HTML and just spitting it out instead of parsing markdown every single time a page is loaded. Hopefully that helps. Anyway here's Wonderwall

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Heap exhausted, game over.

Trying to figure out the best way to keep Lisp from crashing over and over. I think I might just... need a bigger host?

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Since Rami Ism

ail (and by extension, everyone else) was reliably informed (after he had the temerity to find an American setting for a game boring, gasp and shock) that there are only three games about America, and so obviously American culture is just so ignored and underrepresented in media, I have somewhat revised my opinions about Gramsci's "war of position" and how cultural struggle is approached.

It's clear that cultural hegemony is a real and immanent force that strongly gets into the heads of even "progressives" including nominal socialists. It's also clear, per Vonnegut, that the Power Of Art as a progressive force has been decidedly oversold. It's no surprise, then, that people have gotten disenchanted with the idea of cultural struggle.

The problem with counterstruggle has largely been that it has been pursued via eg "culture-jamming" on one hand, and Big Legitimate Art on the other, and both have the problem of usually not presenting either, a) a clear statement about capitalism or imperialism per se being the problem, or b) any kind of positive program or response. The abandonment of the war of position to Adbusters and the like has been a pretty serious negative impact.

Presenting any kind of clearly socialist response in any context, of course, is already being declared (per the current vernacular) "cringe" (and has been treated negatively even by vaunted socialists for the entire post-Soviet era at least); you can note that the SVB collapse was due to Tech Bros, but if you clearly state it was a failure of the capitalist system you can expect to get booed. From liberals, of course, that's expected. From nominal socialists, however, you can also expect to get static. After all, "everyone knows that," "you're preaching to the choir," etc, regardless of the content or the actual audience.

And that's why there's only three games about America. Revolutionaries should be used to being mocked and attacked for being such already, so that shouldn't affect what we do or the strategies we pursue. The near-complete abandonment of war of position (at least in the cultural realm) must be revisited, but we have to be able to firmly state both problems and solutions, and any cultural struggle also needs to be grounded in real material struggle, not just Saying Smart Words.

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Everything Under Heaven is in Utter Chaos; the Situation is Excellent

The tech bubble collapse has begun, with aggressive layoffs across everyone's least favorite large capitalists, from Amazon to Microsoft. The usual fascist scum are crowing about how this will weaken workers, end diversity programs, get them dates and any other Nazi fever dream you care to name, most especially halting the advance of organized labor.

The best time to organize was years ago; the second best time is now.

Layoffs come because companies have decided to shrink their business operations or because they think they can make the existing workers do all the work the previous staffing levels did. That means that anyone not laid off is even more critical than they were before the layoffs. Either you are in a more critical role than the folks who got shitcanned, or they've just made you more critical because you are now carrying the workload of whoever you're picking up the slack for, plus your previous load.

There is never a bad time to organize! Don't "consider yourself lucky", understand that the company needs you, now more than ever! Remember this: They just showed you that they are not your friends. They can and will thrust anyone they don't absolutely need to keep lining their pockets to the wolves. Remember that. The company is the enemy, but they need us. They need us, but we don't need them, and the union makes us stronger than they can ever hope to be!

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Okay so so far Kandria is awesome

Saying it's "kinda like Hollow Knight but not really?" is a really stupid description but it's the only thing I can think of. In some respects it feels like Prince of Persia but with a technical combat system and lots more schmoovement, some medium Celeste-style aerial platforming, so far a really interesting world that's on one hand bleak but on the other feels like it's actually populated with people and not just people-shaped signposts and vending machines, and it just plays really nicely in general. There's some busywork type quests of the "collect ten bear asses" variety but they serve to guide you places and once that's done the fetch quests seem to be just things to do while you're following main paths and plot threads (kinda SMTIV-like in that respect?). Besides all that, it's absolutely beautiful and the soundtrack is fantastic too, I could just chill and listen to it all day

So far, at least, it's extremely fucking good. I haven't played a new game that grabbed me like this in a while. Go check it out and give Shirakumo some love.

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Advent of Code 2022

So this year I'm doing Advent of Code and I'm putting up all my solutions on a git repo here. So far up to day five!

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It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep

Because this post is bursting at the seams


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Common Lisp client library for Cohost

I posted about this Cohost already but I've got an initial implementation of a client library for the current (unstable, unofficial) Cohost API up in a local Git repo. Enjoy! Or don't. I'm not your parents.

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Linux on an Ann Arbor Ambassador 60

"Sometimes people ask me why my web sites use those colors. This is a thing that people sometimes ask."

jwz's kind of weird and cranky but so am I and this video is a mood from another time period.

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