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Common Lisp client library for Cohost

I posted about this Cohost already but I've got an initial implementation of a client library for the current (unstable, unofficial) Cohost API up in a local Git repo. Enjoy! Or don't. I'm not your parents.

Posted by decay on Friday, November 25th 2022 at 11:25 pm PST


Linux on an Ann Arbor Ambassador 60

"Sometimes people ask me why my web sites use those colors. This is a thing that people sometimes ask."

jwz's kind of weird and cranky but so am I and this video is a mood from another time period.

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Burner Anyway

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Web browsers were a mistake

Not really, but the security patch deathrace is partly caused by the extreme complexity of modern browsers. They're basically full operating systems complete with, at this point, a fairly complete hardware virtualization layer and a managed-code VM (fuck you Brendan Eich) for running software on said operating system. The result is that it is basically impossible for anyone with less resources than a state actor or a Fortune 500 company to create and maintain a usable browser, and so in practice about two and a half companies have absolute control of the client-side (ie the side that drives all development) technological infrastructure of the web. That's absolutely horrific!

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So Cohost is cool as fuck. Here's hoping it really takes off!

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Vain Glory Opera

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Facts no one can honestly argue with:

The only possible conclusion, then: The capitalist class is inflicting this on us and instrumentalizing it as yet another avenue of terror against the working class. Liberals, wittingly or no, are more than happy to play right into this by sucking the asses of pigs and doubling down on "we need more Democrats!" nonsense rhetoric in spite of everything above!

But we knew that.

As long as the fascists are armed, as long as the fascist state is armed, the left must be armed, organized and militant. There is no other avenue to stop this capitalist terror.

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Sixteen Tons

So there's that. Workers need to organize as workers!

Twitch Statement

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Lock and Load

Accidentally kill your family on purpose

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Never Forget

We must preserve the culture for the younger generations.

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