Today I Will Launch My Infant Son Into Orbit


Okay so so far Kandria is awesome

Saying it's "kinda like Hollow Knight but not really?" is a really stupid description but it's the only thing I can think of. In some respects it feels like Prince of Persia but with a technical combat system and lots more schmoovement, some medium Celeste-style aerial platforming, so far a really interesting world that's on one hand bleak but on the other feels like it's actually populated with people and not just people-shaped signposts and vending machines, and it just plays really nicely in general. There's some busywork type quests of the "collect ten bear asses" variety but they serve to guide you places and once that's done the fetch quests seem to be just things to do while you're following main paths and plot threads (kinda SMTIV-like in that respect?). Besides all that, it's absolutely beautiful and the soundtrack is fantastic too, I could just chill and listen to it all day

So far, at least, it's extremely fucking good. I haven't played a new game that grabbed me like this in a while. Go check it out and give Shirakumo some love.

Posted by decay on Thursday, January 19th 2023 at 11:42 pm PST
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